Hi, im James Latten. I design and build websites!

What's my Expertise?

These are some of the cool things I do!

Front/backend Development

I'm a Full-Stack Web Developer so I do both Frontend and Backend work. I love using PHP as my backend language, and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as my frontend languages. Im also an expert at using jQuery for faster development.


Not only do I code but I'm also able to design websites using applications like PhotoShop, Illustrator, MockFlow, and even Sketch. I never start a website without planning out a good mockup first, plus I pay attention to detail.


I love using Mysql for my go-to database for any website I start building. Im also experienced with quickly starting up LAMP and LEMP stacks on Linux servers. Im also good with setting up GIT systems on Linux, Mac and Windows systems.

My work

A few things i've done


UX/UI Design, Custom Website

This is my portfolio website that shows who I am and what I do! I custom built the design and backend of this.

Jays Tech World

UX/UI Design, Custom Design, Custom WordPress theme

This is my new blog where I post things about technology and Web Development! Also I love poetry so of course I post a lot of quotes and poetry as well.

Sitelyft Studios

UX/UI Design, Custom Website

Sitelyft Studios is a Web Development team that specializes in making Websites. I completed this website all by myself and had it up and launched in two days.


PSD to HTML, Custom WordPress Theme

I custom made the entire landing page for the WordPress theme and also implemented it inside of WordPress. It was a tough PSD to HTML project but I was able to finish it within a few hours!


PSD to HTML, UX/UI Design, Custom Website

Frindse is a upcoming social network that I'm currently developing! Its built on a custom framework that I personally created myself.

My Hobbies

My main hobby is ready, and writing but mostly reading. I love reading manga books mostly because they appeal to me more! I also read poetry as we'll, sometimes I love to sit back and read all day. Ive listed some of my favorite manga series below, check them out.

Neon Genesis: Evangelion

One Punch Man

Mobile Suit Gundam


Milk and Honey

Want to work together??

Im open to taking on new projects and would love to talk about yours! Please tell me a little bit about it

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